8 Things to Do with Kids in Oahu, Hawaii

Relax on the white sands of Hawaii while listening to the sound of the waves, or stroll along Kalakaua Avenue while feeling the cool sea breeze.

You can feel happy just by imagining it, but your energetic kids may get a little bored.

Here are some fun sightseeing spots and things to do on Oahu that are recommended for kids.

  1. Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay
  2. Swimming with Dolphins
  3. Polynesian Cultural Center
  4. Kualoa Ranch
  5. Sea Life Park
  6. Waikiki Aquarium
  7. Honolulu Zoo
  8. Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii

1. Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay has been named the best beach in the United States. You can easily swim with sea creatures by snorkeling in the beautiful, protected waters of Hawaii.

Snorkeling tools can be rented on the spot, so you can rest assured that your luggage will not be bulky.

Even small children can enjoy it in shallow water, as you can see tropical fish in the water just by walking on the sandy beach.

Currently, Hanauma Bay is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

2. Swimming with Dolphins

Many companies offer tour packages where you can swim with wild dolphins.

Since it is snorkeling, no diving license is required.

Swimming with wild dolphins in the Hawaiian waters instead of seeing the dolphins in the aquarium gives you a completely different excitement than an aquarium.

All participants wear life jackets and look into the sea while floating on the surface of the water, so it is safe to bring children.

Several companies offer tours, so be sure to find one that suits your taste.

3. Polynesian Cultural Center

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At the Polynesian Cultural Center, you can fully experience Polynesia with Polynesian dance and activities, and a Luau show with Hawaiian cuisine.

In particular, the night show “HĀ: Breath of Life” performed by a cast of over 100 people is a masterpiece.

The history and mystery of Polynesia is sublimated into entertainment that can be enjoyed by all nationalities.

There are also hula experiences, Polynesian games, and a powerful fire knife dance, so it is attractive to spend a fulfilling time with your family.

You can also learn much more about Polynesian Cultural Center in the article below.

>> From meals to the night show! A Day at the Polynesian Cultural Center

4. Kualoa Ranch


The vast site full of nature, which has become the setting for various movies such as Jurassic Park and Godzilla, is equivalent to 450 Tokyo Domes.

You can enjoy a different side from Hawaii, which is famous as a tropical beach resort.

Children can fully enjoy various activities such as horse riding, jeep tours and zip linings in the magnificent nature.

5. Sea Life Park

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Sea Life Park Hawaii

More than 2,000 species of animals are bred at Sea Life Park, and you can also play with dolphins, seals, sea lions and penguins.

Also, pay attention to Wolfin (a mixed race of dolphins and whales) that exists only here in the world.

In addition to various shows, there are also activities such as feeding sea turtles and swimming with rays, sea lions and dolphins.

6. Waikiki Aquarium

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Approximately 30% of the marine life that lives in Hawaii surrounded by the rich sea is endemic to Hawaii, that is, a rare creature not found in other areas.

The Waikiki Aquarium is home to many such rare creatures.

Adjacent to the city of Waikiki, the aquarium is easily accessible by bus or on foot, and is still a popular facility with 350,000 visitors annually, more than 110 years after its establishment.

The aquarium named “The Edge of the Coral Reef” is also popular, and it reproduces the coral reef of Hawaii, so you can actually touch sea urchins, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs, etc. like a snorkel.

7. Honolulu Zoo

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Honolulu Zoo is a zoo adjacent to the city of Waikiki that even children can easily visit. Approximately 220 species of animals and birds are bred, including popular savanna animals such as lions, giraffes and zebras.

We also recommend Keiki Zoo (Children’s Zoo) where children can actually interact with animals and the tunnel of Koi Pond.

Inside the facility, there is a lawn garden where you can have a picnic, and there are places where playgrounds such as slides and benches are installed, and you can also have lunch here.

8. Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii

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Within the vast grounds, there are 25 types of attractions that the whole family can enjoy, such as a flowing pool and a waterslide.

There is a wide variety of attractions, from those that you can enjoy leisurely to those that make you scream.

Wet’n’Wilde is Hawaii’s premier water attraction facility for the whole family, from small children to parents.