Ali’i Tower vs Rainbow Tower: Hilton Hawaiian Village

Rainbow Tower and Ali'i Tower

Looking for the perfect ocean view at the Hilton Hawaiian Village? The Ali’i Tower and the Rainbow Tower are two popular options that offer prime beachfront locations.

If you’re having a tough time deciding between the two, fear not! I’ve got you covered with a detailed comparison to help you make the best choice for your dream Hawaiian vacation.

Ali’i Tower vs Rainbow Tower: View

Since the Rainbow Tower is much larger, it has more rooms and more various type of rooms in general. In this article, I will compare the “Ocean Front” rooms from either tower.

View from Ali’i Tower

The Ali’i Tower has 15 floors, which may not be as tall as the 31 floors of the Rainbow Tower, but it still offers some impressive views.

Ali’i Tower – Corner Ocean Front

The location of the tower means you can still enjoy a breathtaking ocean view.

Ali’i Tower – Ocean Front

From one of the upper floors, you can see Waikiki Beach in all its glory.

View from Rainbow Tower

On the other hand, the Rainbow Tower offers a unique view that can get a little crazier.

Rainbow Tower – Deluxe Ocean Front (25th floor)

You can literally look down on the Ali’i Tower from a Deluxe Ocean View room.

Rainbow Tower – Ocean Front (6th floor)

Deluxe Ocean View of the Rainbow Tower is at 15th floor and above, so it is pretty much like anything higher than Ali’i Tower is called “Deluxe Ocean Front”.

You can say the Ocean Front in the Rainbow Tower is the equivalent to the Ali’i Tower, which has 15 floors.

To sum it up, both towers offer excellent ocean views, but the Rainbow Tower might be a better option if you want a more unique and expansive view.

Ali’i Tower vs Rainbow Tower: The Fireworks

It’s important to note that the resort puts on a spectacular fireworks display every Friday.

The launch site is almost perfectly aligned with the Rainbow Tower, making it a great spot to catch the show.

The fireworks will be launched slightly towards the ocean, so it should be visible from the Ocean Front of the Rainbow Tower, as well as the Ali’i Tower which is better faced towards the fireworks.

Guests staying in the Ali’i Tower can also enjoy the fireworks from their Ocean Front rooms, which are better positioned for the display.

However, if you choose a Marina/Ocean View room in the Rainbow Tower or an Ocean View or Resort View room in the Ali’i Tower, you won’t have a view of the fireworks.

So, if seeing the fireworks from your room is a priority, be sure to book a room in the Rainbow Tower’s Ocean Front or Deluxe Ocean Front category or Ali’i Tower’s Resort View.

Ali’i Tower vs Rainbow Tower: Room

Ali’i Tower – Ali’i Ocean Front Double
Ali’i Tower – Ali’i Ocean Front Double
Rainbow Tower – Ocean Front King
Rainbow Tower – Ocean Front King

The Ocean Front room in the Ali’i Tower seems slightly larger, although I could not find official numbers.

Ali’i Tower vs Rainbow Tower: Pool

Ali’i Tower is considered a boutique hotel on the property with its own exclusive check-in desk, concierge and pool.

Rainbow Tower does not have such exclusive service or private facility.

Ali’i Tower – Private Pool

It’s nice that they have an exclusive fitness center for the Ali’i Tower guests next to the pool too.

However, both Ali’i Tower and Rainbow Tower are right next to the Super Pool, which is open to anyone staying at the village.

Although the Super Pool is much bigger and there are many more beach chairs around it, it can be hard to find open chairs there sometimes. But once get your own spot, it’s awesome and fun.

Super Pool

There are snack bars near either pool, so you can grab some food and drink there.

Exclusive Check-In for Ali’i Tower

Ali’i Tower has exclusive check-in in the tower or at a designated desk in the Main Lobby, so the guest do not have to wait for so long.

Hilton Hawaiian Village

On the other hand, the Rainbow Tower shares the main lobby with other towers in the village except the Ali’i Tower for check-in, and that causes a long waiting line on occasions.

In fact, we had to wait for 45 mins in line to check in to the Rainbow Tower.

How to Decide – View or Quality Service?

While the Ali’i Tower offers a great ocean view, particularly from higher floors, the Rainbow Tower is the clear winner when it comes to that bird’s-eye view only achievable from its Deluxe Ocean Front rooms.

However, due to its popularity, the Rainbow Tower can get quite crowded, especially the elevators.

Moreover, if you prefer a more serene and private atmosphere, the Ali’i Tower is a better option with its Ali’i-only facilities. You won’t have to wait in line to check in with other guests or struggle for a spot at the Super Pool, and you’ll still get excellent views.

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