Ali’i Tower vs Rainbow Tower: Detailed Comparison

Rainbow Tower and Ali'i Tower

The Ali’i Tower and the Rainbow Tower are the only towers in the resort that are directly adjacent to the Waikiki Beach, and seem to be the popular choices among the people who are looking for good ocean view.

Here, let me try to share whatever I know about these two towers, so that I can help you decide which option is best for you.

Ali’i Tower vs Rainbow Tower: View

Since the Rainbow Tower is much larger, it has more rooms and more various type of rooms in general. In this article, I will compare the “Ocean Front” rooms from either tower.

View from Ali’i Tower

Ali’i Tower has 15 floors. It isn’t much compared to the 31 floors of the Rainbow Tower, but you actually get pretty nice views.

Ali’i Tower – Corner Ocean Front
Ali’i Tower – Ocean Front

These were for sure shot from one of the upper floors, but still, thanks to the location, you get a beautiful ocean view.

View from Rainbow Tower

Having said that, it can get a little crazier in the Rainbow Tower.

Rainbow Tower – Deluxe Ocean Front (25th floor)

You are literally looking down on the Ali’i Tower on the left end of this picture from a Deluxe Ocean View room.

Rainbow Tower – Ocean Front (6th floor)

Deluxe Ocean View of the Rainbow Tower is at 15th floor and above, so it is pretty much like anything higher than Ali’i Tower is called “Deluxe Ocean Front”.

You can say the Ocean Front in the Rainbow Tower is the equivalent to the Ali’i Tower, which has 15 floors.

Ali’i Tower vs Rainbow Tower: The Fireworks

One important note about the fireworks they have every Friday.

As you can see in the image below, the launch site is almost aligned with the Rainbow Tower.

The fireworks will be launched slightly towards the ocean, so it should be visible from the Ocean Front of the Rainbow Tower, as well as the Ali’i Tower which is better faced towards the fireworks.

However, it will not be visible from rooms such as Ocean View and Resort View of the Ali’i Tower, or the Marina/Ocean View of the Rainbow Tower, as those rooms are not facing towards the fireworks.

Ali’i Tower vs Rainbow Tower: Room

Ali’i Tower – Ali’i Ocean Front Double
Ali’i Tower – Ali’i Ocean Front Double
Rainbow Tower – Ocean Front King
Rainbow Tower – Ocean Front King

The Ocean Front room in the Ali’i Tower seems slightly larger, although I could not find official numbers.

Ali’i Tower vs Rainbow Tower: Pool

Ali’i Tower is considered a boutique hotel on the property with its own exclusive check-in desk, concierge and pool.

Rainbow Tower does not have such exclusive service or private facility.

Ali’i Tower – Private Pool
Ali’i Tower – Private Pool

It’s nice that they have an exclusive fitness center for the Ali’i Tower guests next to the pool too.

However, both Ali’i Tower and Rainbow Tower are right next to the Super Pool, which is open to anyone staying at the village.

Although the Super Pool is much bigger and there are many more beach chairs around it, it can be hard to find open chairs there sometimes. But once get your own spot, it’s awesome and fun.

Super Pool

There are snack bars near either pool, so you can grab some food and drink there.

Exclusive Check-In for Ali’i Tower

Ali’i Tower has exclusive check-in in the tower or at a designated desk in the Main Lobby, so the guest do not have to wait for so long.

Hilton Hawaiian Village

On the other hand, the Rainbow Tower shares the main lobby with other towers in the village except the Ali’i Tower for check-in, and that causes a long waiting line on occasions.

In fact, we had to wait for 45 mins in line to check in to the Rainbow Tower.

How to Decide – View or Quality Service?

Although the view from the Ali’i Tower, especially from higher floors, is very nice by any standard, I have to give it to the Rainbow Tower for that bird’s-eye view which can only be achieved at its Deluxe Ocean Front.

However, the Rainbow Tower does get crowded, especially the elevators.

Also, on the flip side of a vibrant resort complex, you might feel like there is a lot going on all the time when you walk around in the resort.

So, if you want more relaxed and private feel, the Ali’i Tower would be a better choice with their Ali’i-only facilities. You don’t have to line up to check in with other guests, or fight for an open chair at the Super Pool, and do get nice views.

More Information

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