[Waikiki] 9 Recommended Dinner Options to Enjoy the Night of Hawaii

Not only the fun activities but also meals are one of the important factors that make your trip to Hawaii awesome. You want to have a rich variety of dinners on your trip to Hawaii, right?
It’s good to go to various restaurants, but every night is a wonderful event if you can enjoy dinner in various situations, not just changing the restaurant.
So, here are a few dinner plans that you can enjoy in Waikiki while traveling to Hawaii. Find what you like.

  1. Relaxing dinner while watching the hula show
  2. Enjoy Hawaiian hospitality at Luau Dinner
  3. Enjoy a classic with an oversized hamburger
  4. Luxury dinner at the hotel
  5. Watching the sunset on a dinner cruise
  6. Enjoying performance at Tanaka of Tokyo
  7. Devouring an exciting aged meat steak
  8. Enjoy the night view at Top of Waikiki / Sky Waikiki
  9. Have a flashy night at the entertainment show

1. Relaxing dinner while watching the hula show


Hawaii is famous for hula and Hawaiian music. There are several places in Waikiki where you can eat while watching the authentic hula. There is no way to miss this opportunity.
The venue is filled with a relaxing atmosphere while watching beautiful dances to Hawaiian music.

We recommend the House Without a Key at Halekulani Hotel and the Pikake Terrace at Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, which have a wide selection of food menus. The Edge of Waikiki at the Sheraton Waikiki is also recommended, but the food menu is a bit limited.

If you want to watch a hula show in Waikiki for the time being, regardless of dinner, the following article also introduces the places where you can see the hula.
▶︎ 9 places to see authentic hula shows in Waikiki, Hawaii

2. Enjoy Hawaiian hospitality at Luau Dinner

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When you are planning for dinner in Hawaii, you just cannot ignore Luau. You can enjoy Hawaiian cuisine while watching Polynesian and Fire Dance.
It’s great not only to have a dance show, but also to enjoy a wide variety of Hawaiian cuisine in buffet style. Kalua pork, poke, lomilomi salmon and mahimahi take you to traditional Hawaii.

If you are in Waikiki, you should first try the Luau hosted at the Hilton Hawaiian Village or the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, often called the Pink Palace. If you go there once during your stay in Hawaii, it will give you a different depth than a trip to Hawaii that you often see on TV and magazines.

For more list of the Best Luaus on Oahu, check out the article below.
▶︎ Hawaiian Dinner Show – 8 Best Luaus in Oahu

3. Enjoy local taste in Hawaiian hamburgers

You can’t miss the fine Hawaiian hamburgers like the famous Kua ‘Aina. If you go to Hawaii, you want to have a local taste.
Open your mouth and eat without missing any ingredients, and pour into your stomach with soda.

There are many restaurants where you can eat some good hamburgers, but we recommend the Cheeseburger in Paradise in front of Waikiki Beach. It’s fun to choose from a wide variety of burgers.

4. Luxury dinner at the hotel


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A good hotel restaurant is also an option.
There are many luxury hotels such as Moana Surfrider, which boasts the strongest presence on Kalakaua Avenue, and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, famous for its Pink Palace.

Moana Surfrider’s Beach House at the Moana and Royal Hawaiian Hotel’s Azure Restaurant both have a menu with local ingredients. Of course there are seats facing the sea and the atmosphere is great.

After playing a lot in the tropical sun, you can relax and enjoy a fine dinner. Please note that there are light dress codes for flip flops, swimwear, T-shirts, etc.


5. Sunset cruise off the coast of Waikiki

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A lot of people gather every day at Waikiki beach to see the beautiful sunset. Why don’t you go ahead and even become a part of the sunset scenery on a sunset cruise?

Most popular ones are the Star of Honolulu and Majestic Sunset Cruises.

Depart from the port near the Aloha Tower and enjoy a two-hour cruise and dinner. During the cruise, you can enjoy not only the scenery and the meals, but also live music and dance shows. Looking at the city of Waikiki from the sea is a cool experience and it will be a wonderful memory.

Depending on the plan, you can choose course meals and buffets, and on Fridays you can see the Hilton Fireworks from the ship.


6. Enjoying performance at Tanaka of Tokyo

Tanaka of Tokyo

Tanaka of Tokyo is a teppanyaki restaurant famous for its performance while cooking. In the middle of a counter table for several people, the chef works one after another to make delicious teppanyaki dishes while performing.
You will be surprised to see how the chef cooks various ingredients like meat, seafood, and vegetables like a magician.

Is it just performance? You may think that is not the case. Please rest assured that the taste is delicious. You often sit at the same table with other customers, but you don’t face each other directly. I think that you can enjoy without worrying.


7. Devouring an exciting aged meat steak

Wolfgang’s Steak House

Eat a hearty and delicious steak of aged meat. Wolfgang and Ruth’s Chris Steak House are famous, both of which are popular restaurants that are highly rated in various rankings.
Wolfgang’s T-bone steak and Ruth’s Chris steakhouse’s Tomahawk steak look great. You may have taken a photo without realizing it.
The size of the meat is very satisfying, but it’s not so crunchy that you can eat more than you expected.


8. Enjoy the night view at Sky Waikiki

I also recommend Sky Waikiki, a rooftop bar with a panoramic view of Waikiki.

Personally, I recommend first having a solid dinner at another restaurant nearby and enjoying desserts and drinks while feeling the night breeze at Sky Waikiki. The seats are also spacious and you can really relax. If you are lucky, you’ll guided to the sofa seat.

Just take a look at the restaurant back in 2019.

Pretty awesome, right?

Please note that Sky Waikiki will have a slightly tighter dress code after 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


9. Have a flashy night at the entertainment show



Two recommendations for those who want to go to flashy entertainment. Rock-a-Hula, a combination of Hawaiian and Las Vegas-like show elements, and Magic of Polynesia, a fusion of Polynesia and illusion.
You will enjoy a gorgeous entertainment show after enjoying dinner.

Rock a Hula is a very exciting fusion of rock and Hawaiian, with performers dressed like Michael Jackson and Katy Perry performing high-level stages and enjoying fire knife dance.

Magic of Polynesia is a magnificent illusion show with helicopters, momentary movements, and airborne. There are also Polynesian dances and fire shows.

Check out the meal menu, including the Luau buffet and course meals. Your Waikiki night will be full of excitement.